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Health is a constant job that is connected to both your productivity and happiness. This is why many successful people in Coppell, Texas commit to improving their health and curing underlying pains that might be a hindrance to their daily tasks. Acupuncture treatments are the only treatment method many athletes, celebrities and normal people like you and I utilize to stay healthy, live longer, lose weight, and prevent injuries.

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Both employees and employers are keying into various strategies to achieve a healthier life. This strategy includes specialized services like Acupuncture which offers many health benefits that extend beyond a healthy work-life.

For millions of people who live in the United States of America, Acupuncture is no longer an unfamiliar wonder, because it is now widely known and accepted among the medical community.

Acupuncture is an ancient medical treatment practice that was developed in China 2,500 years ago to treat many conditions with the use of herbal agents. Additionally centuries of acupuncture practice has produced a detailed understanding of the interconnected nature of human health and ailments preventing our health.

Vitality Wellness Clinic, Coppell, Texas

Vitality Wellness Clinic provides acupuncture services to citizens of Coppell, Texas. Our goal is to restore our patient’s health by creating customized treatment plans for each person, remove the root cause of problems from the inside out, prevent future imbalances and symptoms, and restore our natural youthful state God intended us to have.

We incorporate Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, massage, far infrared treatment and other therapeutic approaches to treat various health, skin and pain related issues. Vitality Wellness Clinic strives to provide exceptional outcomes and long-lasting solutions to all clients seeking acupuncture services in Coppell, Texas. We achieve our goals when we strengthen patients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual health and immune system balance.

Vitality Wellness Clinic Coppell, Texas is a highly professional environment where patients can get solutions and care to their health issues with top level service. We provide an atmosphere of comfort and openness and ensure all of your questions are answered regarding your individual treatment plan.

We offer a broad range of health services such as: pain management, weight loss, fertility, cosmetic acupuncture, addiction treatment, allergy prevention, and sports injury prevention  using a combination of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine treatment options.

Patients visiting our Coppell Texas office can also seek relief from psycho-emotional issues like depression, addiction, anxiety, and stress. We pay special attention to the individual needs of each patient and create an acupuncture and health plan to restore the body’s balance.

Acupuncture – Get Rid of the Pain in the Neck

Chronic pain is a condition that affects thousands of people in Coppell, Texas. While physicians play a significant role in the treatment of these chronic pains for patients, survey results showed that many of these physicians consider the training they have regarding pain management inadequate, and many of them are not confident about their ability to effectively care for chronic pain. As a result, acupuncture has begun gaining significant attention for treating chronic pain.

Acupuncture Pain Management Benefits

Reduced Stress – Stress is one of the major reasons people seek acupuncture treatment. Be it Pressure from work or pressure from other pressing personal issues, nearly 75% of people in the United States and a large percentage of people in Coppell Texas admit that they experience physical symptoms of stress.

Acupuncture has been proven to help reduce stress through hormone production and management while generally improving happiness, improving sleep habits, and improving healthy immune function.

Reduced Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Joint Pain – Standing for too long, lifting heavy loads, weight, age, and bad posture are just a few of the numerous factors that cause pain. However, trigger points instigated by acupuncture release chemicals from the brain, spinal cords, and muscles, offering natural pain-relief for both chronic and acute pain patients.

We treat many patients with significant life impairing injuries and conditions such as frozen shoulder. Acupuncture generally provides 50% – 70% relief during the first visit and the average treatment plan is 6-8 visits to receive 90% improvement.

Migraine Headache Relief – Acupuncture has been used to heal headaches for thousands of years. Recent studies also show that Acupuncture can reduce, and in some instances remove altogether, the use of prescription migraine medication. The long term benefits of regular acupuncture treatment for migraines includes reduced head ache severity, reduced intensity, reduced frequency of head aches, and no side effects typically caused by medication such as dizziness or sleepiness.

Strengthen the Immune System and Decrease Sick Days – This is, perhaps, one of the most important benefits of Acupuncture. Acupuncture natural fights off pathogens by improving the body’s immune system. Thereby getting rid of persisting symptoms that keep you weak and prevent you from carrying out your daily activities.

Many studies have shown patients who regularly undergo acupuncture therapy are sick on average 50%-75% less than those who don’t. Think about what you can do with all those sick days back. The key to success is treating and preventing illness organ by organ beginning with immune system strength.

Reduced Injuries – Getting injured repeatedly can cost you a lot of pain and down time. Acupuncture is effective in treating these sports or accident related injuries and also strengthens the ligaments. Acupuncture works by improving the strength of the kidneys, liver, gall bladder, and pancreas which directly improves ligament strength, reduce healing time, and prevent future injury occurrence eliminating the need for drugs or surgery.

How Does Acupuncture help you lose weight?

Reduces Food Cravings – Battling with food cravings? After an acupuncture appointment, you might not be down for junk food anymore. Acupuncture physiologically and chemically changes what your body wants, what your taste buds accept, and produces new reward pathways that support positive healthy change and produce increased energy. The byproduct is weight loss!

Food addiction can lead to excessive weight gain. One method acupuncture helps people lose weight by reducing the level of ghrelin in the body, which is a hormone that boosts appetite. It works like a referee or federal trade regulator for your appetite.

Better Sleep Routine – Sufficient and sound sleep is a well-known factor in weight loss and maintenance, and Acupuncture can help achieve that. The largest 2 factors associated with healthy sleep are diet and exercise. Acupuncture simultaneously improves diet choices and we will provide a plan for people of all ages and demographic backgrounds that improve both!

When a person is sleep-deprived, it reduces the way the brain functions and reduces the ability to make good decisions too. So, people who don’t get good sleep are more likely to indulge in junk foods in their quest for comfort in a vicious cycle of creating negative rewards paths in the brain. Acupuncture perform a rehabilitation function for your brain that you will notice within a week or two.

Reduces Stress – Undoubtedly, excess stress and the inability to cope with it can also cause people to reach for junk foods and ignore the foods they know are healthy for them. When a person is under stress, such a person produces an excess amount of the stress hormone known as Cortisol, and this results in making unhealthy choices.

Acupuncture helps to induce the secretion of the happy hormones known as “endorphins,” which has a calming effect when released. When this happens, you are less likely to reach for that chocolate.

Balances Sugar Levels – When the blood sugar level is balanced, you are most likely to eat less, and your appetite will remain regulated as well. Acupuncture helps regulate your sugar level and improves the flow of blood to your stomach which in turn aids digestion too. Sugar level control is another byproduct created by the introduction of a new reward system and by introducing increased energy use by our body calories.

You can get these answers yourself by visiting Vitality Wellness Clinic in Coppell, Texas. We are a reputable, licensed, and certified acupuncturist serving Coppell, Texas. Dr. Jason Tsing is the only acupuncture doctor in Texas trained by the Godfather of acupuncture – Dr. Wu Wei Ping (Taiwan).

Far Infrared Sauna near Coppell, Texas

Far infrared sauna sessions are available at Vitality Wellness Clinic near Coppell, Texas. It can be added to any service or scheduled as a stand-alone service depending on your preference.

Far infrared sauna heat is essential for the maximum health of every living thing. The radiant heat that surrounds you in the sauna will penetrate deep into your muscles, joints, and tissues, which increases the flow and circulation of oxygen. A far infrared sauna is completely safe and emits the same infrared heat as the sun, just without the toxic ultraviolet rays.

Benefits of far infrared sauna treatments

Detoxification – Sweating is good for the body. It is the body’s natural way of getting rid of toxins and staying healthy. The primary difference is far infrared heat does not put the body in fight or flight mode. Due to the length of the infrared sauna ray wavelength the heat is driven deep into the body’s organs rather than from the surface. Far infrared sauna benefits the body by heating it directly, thereby causing a rise in the body temperature, and a deep detoxifying sweat.

Relaxation – Vitality Wellness Clinic Saunas was designed with the utmost comfort in mind. Unlike most traditional saunas that operate at harsh temperatures, far infrared sauna emits a gentle, soothing, and therapeutic heat that enhances relaxation and improves sleep. Additionally, our sauna is infused with specific Chinese herb formulations to treat your condition (skin irritations, joint pain, fatigue, head aches) unlike any other sauna option in the market.

Weight Loss – Trying to lose weight? Vitality Wellness Clinic can help. Our infrared sauna enhances weight loss by burning calories and detoxifying the body while you completely relax. A 45 minute far infrared sauna session is the equivalent of 400-500 calories burned from a cardio workout. Studies showed that infrared sauna heat could burn 600 calories and above all while you relax!

Pain Relief – One of the most important reasons you should visit Vitality Wellness Clinic near Coppell Texas for your far infrared sauna session is the natural pain relief associated with the therapy. Infrared heat will penetrate deep into your joints, muscles, and tissues to relieve both minor aches and chronic pains. Many high performing athletes and professionals alike utilize the healing benefits of far infrared sauna weekly. A side benefit of reduced pain is improved sleep which directly correlates with our ability to manage pain.

Skin Purification – Far Infrared red sauna helps cleanse the skin and gives it a youthful and glowing appearance. The far infrared wavelength is the most effective type and has the ability to heal the dermis and the epidermis layers of the skin. It also stimulates the production of collagen, which reduces wrinkles and improves the overall skin tone.

Affordable Acupuncture, pain management, and weight loss solutions near you

Don’t let your health issues continue bothering you; we offer the best acupuncture services to suit your health needs in Coppell, Texas. Get control over your body, stress, and pain with an acupuncture service from our clinic. Just because you haven’t tried something doesn’t mean it’s not effective. Check out our Vitality Wellness Clinic if you are in Coppell, Texas today, and you’ll be glad you did. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

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