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Feel stress in your daily life? Do you have acute or chronic health issues that are hard to get rid of? Are you tired of being prescribed medications that don’t solve your long-term health problems? Are you looking for a long-term sustainable anti-aging facial solution? Or maybe you have health problems that you’d like to begin correcting (like weight loss, smoking issues, muscular tension, frozen shoulder, insomnia, or eczema)? If any of these are your problems, then keep reading. Acupuncture, pain management, cupping, and far infrared sauna solutions are the keys to removing and preventing all of aforementioned issues as well as a long list of other issues.

Acupuncture near Keller

At Vitality Wellness Clinic, we offer acupuncture therapy. We’ll use it rehabilitate your body for pain relief, improved immune system function and balance across internal organs which removes the problems at the source!

Why Choose Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an excellent way to improve your overall health. It strengthens the immune system while removing the stress factors placed on our organs that often cause pain, inflammation, skin irritations, poor digestion and insomnia.

Treatments are performed by experts. Doctors with 35 years of experience will administer the therapy for you over a couple of sessions. Done consistently, you can expect to see massive changes in the state of your physical and digestive health!

Our Credentials

With Vitality Wellness Clinic, you’ll get the experience necessary for effective therapy. Our team is headed by Dr. Jason Tsing. He is a member of the Texas Association of Acupuncture, and founder of the 35+ year old Texas Acupuncture Clinic.

He has treated patients worldwide in 10 countries. He is also the only doctor in Texas trained by the Godfather of Acupuncture (Dr. Wu Wei Pint). With advanced degrees in palpitation and botany, you can rest assured that your health is in the hands of a professional.

We deliver the perfect balance between acupuncture and herbal treatment, and with the end goal of restoring your natural health by targeting the root causes of your problems.

What Acupuncture Benefits Do We Offer?

Our methods solve health issues across the spectrum of modern life. Our most common acupuncture benefits are separated in the list of target areas below. Those issues include the following:

Weight Loss – Fat gain is a major epidemic in the US. And it’s all the result of delicious diets that pack excess but unnecessary amounts of energy. Our clinic will help you lose weight. Because we provide a unique approach to rewiring your body’s approach to energy production! With acupuncture, you can experience faster metabolism and improved blood sugar that speeds up weight loss. And you can choose this form of therapy as a supplement to working out. Or, you can use it as a stand-alone method!

Reprogramming Your Appetite – A crucial part of proper weight loss is your self-discipline and portion control. Both are a key focus in our therapy. We use techniques that affect stomach and pancreas functions, thus suppressing your appetite. With acupuncture, you can now speed up your fat burning, while suppressing your desire to eat more!

Restyling Your Diet – Our weight loss assistance extends beyond acupuncture. We provide a holistic regimen to rewire your lifestyle for what’s healthier! We’ll help you formulate a healthy diet for proper nutrition, thus increasing the effectiveness of your weight loss!

Pain Relief – In modern society, chronic pain problems are as common as obesity. Pain comes in a variety of ways, and due to multiple factor. But the most common forms are related to our joints (knees and elbows), in addition to our postures (neck, back, shoulders).

Reasons for Pain Management Acupuncture

Chronic pain has many origins. For starters, a sedentary lifestyle greatly contributes to bad definitions resulting in pain. Others include a diet that leads to frequent inflammation, inactivity – plus a lack of holistic nutrition. And then there’s the issue of stress. A stressful lifestyle is a major killer, and a source of pain that tortures most of us for decades.

Acupuncture, Cupping and Massage Pain Management Solutions

Vitality Wellness Clinic offers innovative treatments for chronic pain. And acupuncture is on that list. Acupuncture is one of the world’s oldest medical procedures. It focuses on stimulating of the nervous system while building and improving organ functioning and our immune system.

We can design you therapy that reduces pain signals moving through your body. And in many cases, the pain is reduced by 70-80% after only 1 acupuncture treatment! Our techniques can target the spots in your body that cause the most pain. Or, they can focus on full-body relief. Additionally, we boost targeted acupuncture therapy with a specific herbal dietary supplement designed to balance the “trouble area” identified.

1. Muscle Relaxation – In addition to relaxing the nervous system, acupuncture can remove tension from the muscles. Tension can be a major contributor to not just pain, but also exhaustion. And with exhaustion comes stress, and that generates even more chronic pain. With less muscular tension, your body feels relaxed. It can better endure stress, and without triggering chronic signals!

2. Massage Therapy – We support our pain relief acupuncture with massage therapy. It’s an added measure that softens muscle tissue even more. It helps restore the way our bodies were intended to recover. Plus, it’s an excellent way to remove built up tension in your muscle fibers while supporting new muscle growth.

3. Sports Injury Healing – Sports are an excellent recreational/professional activity for maintaining health. But if done at a dangerous and violent level, they can lead to injury. Sports injuries can be acute (such as a bruise) or chronic (like a joint or ligament problem). Our pain relief techniques also support sports injury recovery.

This is done by strengthening the liver, pancreas and kidneys which are largely responsible for ligament health and function. We’ll help you recover from joint issues and muscular pain effectively, and without the use of addictive drugs or surgery. Our techniques can rehabilitate you back into a sporty life as soon as possible. And you won’t have to stay idle for long.

4. One Needle Technique – Pain relief acupuncture techniques are not simple. They require specific meridian treatment and/or specialized one needle treatment that very few acupuncturists are trained to perform. The best methods are applied by Dr. Tsing himself, specifically the One Needle Method. It’s simple and comfortable for patients.

Only a single needle is used to accurately target the source of pain. One needle acupuncture sessions typically last 10 minutes. It relieves pain quickly – and it minimizes any complexities in treating chronic pain! We have many patients who marvel at the results provided by this unique treatment method. See our testimonial videos to hear first-hand what people say about it.

Anti-Aging Facial Acupuncture near Keller, Texas

Aging is a fact of life we all share. And many of us try to reverse it in a variety of ways including topical creams, vitamin supplements, diet and exercise. Some of us try diet modifications. Others resort to reducing their exposure to sunlight, dryness, and heat. A third type the majority of people consider is cosmetic surgery to “fix the blemish” or hide the problem.

It’s a dangerous alternative, and it’s difficult to reverse most of the mistakes made after an adjustment. This applies to anti-aging more than any other field. Because with anti-aging, the focus is on getting facelifts, tummy tucks, or hiding/masking an obesity problem. Below we go over a few of our alternatives.

At Vitality Wellness Clinic, we provide natural treatments that save you the need for plastic surgery. Those treatments include acupressure, facial needling, unique individual diets and targeted collagen and herbal supplements. Our treatments stimulate skin cell growth to smooth wrinkles and reduce cravings – thus ensuring tighter skin while improving the overall patient health. Additionally, we provide high-tech solutions in the form of infrared therapy. We focus on healthy long term solutions and not quick fix diet pills or surgery.

Addiction Relief – Do you have issues with quitting smoking? If so, our techniques may be what you need! Smoking is a leading contributor to lower life expectancies. It’s a lifelong habit that takes years out of your life and endangers those around you. It adds nothing, other than ruined breathing – and years of misery.
But unfortunately, quitting smoking is one of the most difficult challenges many people face. It’s difficult giving up the allure of nicotine, in addition to the psychological relief of smoking. Acupuncture Can Help You.

Needles used in acupuncture can rewire your nervous system to better resist the addiction of smoking. As for the type of therapy, you’ll receive the 1-Needle acupuncture method applied by Dr. Tsing. Additionally, we use auricular therapy along with changes in nutrition absorption to balance cravings. This form of therapy keeps your mind at ease during the critical phases of smoking cessation.

Allergies – Having an allergy can be a life destabilizing condition – depending on the issue. Your troubles may range from seasonal allergies, to animal exposure, and sometimes serious dietary problems. At Vitality Wellness Clinic, we’ll help reduce your allergy problems by focusing on the internal imbalance of your Chi or energy in each organ. The acupuncture therapy we use focuses on bolstering the immune system and removing or displacing heat produced by over worked organs.

In fact, we focus on improving your resistance to both seasonal and chronic allergies as both a preventative and acute short term method. So if you’re a naturally “sickly person,” you can give acupuncture (plus Chinese medicine) a try. And we administer both in a manner that suits your unique biology and needs.

Cupping – Cupping is an acupuncture and natural medicine practice that focuses on detoxification, reducing blood pressure and removing impurities in our blood and skin. It removes stagnant blood and excess heat from the body – while promoting less muscular tension. It’s a practice that aids stress relief. So if you’re someone seeking to stabilize their body’s health or improve their skin condition, this is a practice to try.

It’s an excellent supplementary therapy to many techniques we offer, and we highly recommend it as an addition to acupuncture needle treatment. When combined, your stress level, headaches, and muscular or ligament pain will be reduced more and more with each session.


Our main branch exists in Grapevine Texas. However we serve the cities of Keller, Southlake, Colleyville and Bedford as well.

Keller, TX Attractions

If you have a habit of visiting Keller’s most known restaurants, celebrations, and entertainment spots, then reaching us shouldn’t be a problem. And our clinic is accessible to tourists too! We operate close to Keller’s, so you can always make an appointment if you are touring the area.

Vitality Wellness Clinic is Here to Serve You

Dr. Tsing has more than 30 years’ experience in the field of oriental medicine and also specializes in one needle treatment, which means he will only use one needle in treatments of relieving and alleviating pain in the human body. Contact us today at 817-527-6077 or click here to make an appointment.

That’s right. We serve clients from all walks of life, so long as they’re close to our clinic in Keller. In fact, we’ll assist clients to achieve a variety of outcomes. We can assist clients with short-term therapeutic practices. Or we can help them develop and improve their health for the long-term.

Many patients come once and never return to their primary care physician. Whatever your goals or needs may be, Vitality Wellness Clinic can help you. Simply contact us now, and get started!

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