Acupuncture Needles in our face --- In the best possible way!

Placing acupuncture needles in very specific places in our face has profound effects on the body and the skin. When our skin is wounded the immune system response is triggered resulting in collagen and elastin production. This is the natural holistic way to create firmer tighter skin, and when acupuncture and hydration are paired together your body improves from the inside out! The key that most doctors and product providers don’t tell you is preservation of the epidermis. It is essentially impossible to use cream after cream or face peel after face peel without inadvertently impacting the epidermis (top layer of your skin) ability to transport the critical oxygen and nutrients required for healthy skin. The health of our skin is 100% dependent upon the health of our entire body. Cosmetic acupuncture is the most natural effective method to reduce lines and wrinkles while simultaneously improving skin elasticity.

Slow down the hands of time – Cosmetic Acupuncture

Aging is a chronic process impacting the entire body and should be treated as such! As more and more products and surgery techniques are developed and used to “slow the aging process” we need to stop and think. Applying a skin cream or completing cosmetic surgery has a limited impact if we remain dehydrated most of life and smoke large quantities of cigarettes daily. The majority of skin issues begin with cell function and are not treated topically or on an individual basis. Acupuncture treatments treat the entire body balancing physiological imbalances reducing oxidative stress, improving liver and immune functions, and reducing stress hormone production. Another key cosmetic acupuncture benefit not provided by topical solutions, surgery or medication is improved digestion functions which directly improves the ability to use food nutrition to improve skin conditions. Think about it!!! Acupuncture induces the natural healing properties of our bodies and is the most effective solution to reduce aging skin appearance.

Ageless without pills or creams - Acupuncture

Global demand for anti-aging products has reached $140 billion dollars according to Zion Market Research, and there is no magic pill to prevent aging. What can help is a traditional dose of exercise and acupuncture to ensure you have a strong immune system, moderated blood pressure, improved muscle mass and reduced risk of heart attack or stroke. Maintaining your range of motion and improving functional strength should be top of mind regardless of our age. You don’t need an expensive gym membership, the most recent set of weight machines, or a high cost trainer to improve your health. Start with simple home based programs using elastic tubing, yoga, and or standing/stretching techniques adding weight-bearing stress to muscles and bones improving your overall strength and flexibility. Acupuncture can improve and strengthen all of these while enhancing your immune system simultaneously.

Bian Stone Cupping



 Acupuncture History
 TCM Cupping
  • Bian Stone Cupping is made of rare Bian Stone, individually picked and manually processed for medical cupping therapy. Every Bian Stone Cupping looks different in color, size and texture; but works much, much better than the regular cupping of Glass, Plastic, Ceramic, Bamboo or Metal.

  • The Bian-stone technique refers to the use of stone-based equipment to perform massaging, heating and other operations

  • Ancient Chinese people selected certain kinds of stone and ground it into a therapeutic tool that featured a sharp tip or an edge. Such shapes allowed the stone to be applied to the human body in different ways

  • According to worldwide research by prestigious entities, the Bian Stones deliver special far infrared rays, trace minerals and rare earth substances

  • Proven beneficial results and indispensable to human beings in respect of keeping good health naturally and seeking longevity

 Cupping Treatment - Clinic

Bian stone cupping – benefits

  • Prestigious stones deliver far infrared rays and trace minerals creating a combined healing experience

  • Suction and negative pressure loosens muscles, increases blood flow, and mildly sedates the nervous system

  • Reduces high blood pressure

  • Relieves back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, and cellulite

  • Improves weight loss efforts and removes cellulite

  • Reduces lung congestion and improves asthma symptoms

  • Detoxifies the circulatory system and skin

  • Improves metabolism and improves appetite and digestion

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Research & Stats

Approximately 56 symptoms and diseases are treatable through cupping therapy

6 most common conditions - herpes, facial paralysis (Bells palsy), cough and dyspnea, acne, lumbar disc herniation, cervical spondylosis (age related wear and tear)

6 major types of cupping therapy widely adopted globally - flaming heating power to achieve suction (negative pressure), wet (bleeding cupping), moving, needle (cup over an acupuncture needle), medicinal bamboo method, water (cup filled 1/3 with water before application)