Global demand for anti-aging products has reached $140 billion dollars according to Zion Market Research, and there is no magic pill to prevent aging.

What can help is a traditional dose of exercise and acupuncture to ensure you have a strong immune system, moderated blood pressure, improved muscle mass and reduced risk of heart attack or stroke. Maintaining your range of motion and improving functional strength should be top of mind regardless of our age.

You don’t need an expensive gym membership, the most recent set of weight machines, or a high cost trainer to improve your health. Start with simple home based programs using elastic tubing, yoga, and or standing/stretching techniques adding weight-bearing stress to muscles and bones improving your overall strength and flexibility.

Acupuncture can improve and strengthen all of these while enhancing your immune system simultaneously.

Visit our anti-aging page to learn more about our cosmetic acupuncture and herbal treatment options.

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