Acupuncture, as described by most practitioners, is based on a system of meridians, or paths of energy, which flows throughout the body. When points or Qi in this path become blocked or weakened, the body responds by producing symptoms of illness, such as the symptoms of eczema, or the chronic pain of fibromyalgia. Other common reported symptoms include fatigue, muscle tension, stress, depression, poor digestion, and insomnia. In order to restore the flow of energy, balance the immune system, and remove energy blockage acupuncture uses the insertion of fine needles at specific points along the meridians. Eastern medicine practitioners have used this therapy for centuries (perhaps even millennia), to treat a variety of illnesses

In a recent 4 week study a control group of participants were asked to undergo acupuncture treatment in various locations on the body depending on the severity and location of the symptoms as well as the root cause. They were allowed to continue use of soap, bathing, showers, and moisturizers as well as any prescribed medications for treatment. A second uncontrolled group only used prescription and topical medications without acupuncture treatment.

Individuals in the acupuncture control group reported significantly decreased sensation of itch, as well as improvement in skin findings and reduction of rash and eczema. In contrast, control subjects who did not use acupuncture had no change in their symptoms or disease severity. No adverse side effects were noted by any participant during the trial.

While the repeated success of acupuncture for eczema in evidence-based studies is encouraging, this therapy may not be suited for everyone. Firstly, regular visits to a licensed acupuncturist are required. We treat both adults and children daily with moderate and severe eczema symptoms. In fact we are now partnered with a local eczema foundation to provide relief services to anyone willing to try a natural healing method.

Secondly, some individuals may balk at the idea of puncturing the skin with needles, which forms the basis of acupuncture therapy. This is perfectly normal and we experience this everyday. With our team you will feel no pain and that is a guarantee. Come visit Vitality Wellness Clinic today and get relief through acupuncture.

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