Chronic fatigue is linked to performance of your kidneys, liver, spleen, lungs and heart. When one or more of these organs is not functioning properly the others pick up the slack creating over-work and burnout. The “burnout” surfaces in the form of fatigue, skin issues and other physical or emotional issues.

There is a unique relationship between all of these critical organs that enable proper movement, breathing, digestion and general immunity. When all of these organs work in harmony blood is generated, oxygenated, transformed, nourished and circulated to the entire body.

Without proper function we see symptoms such as weakness, insomnia, fatigue and a series of digestive issues that are largely treated individually. The truth is they are all interrelated and need to be treated systematically.

Over time our poor societal diets, overworking, stress, smoking, drinking and frequency of illnesses introduced into our bodies disrupt normal functioning and create deficiencies in one or more organ.

Acupuncture treatments begin by identifying the organs impacted the most and re-balancing them with the others to create a strong immune system in parallel with improved organ strength. There are many indirect side benefits people experience as well including emotional and physical well being.

The major difference between acupuncture and pharmaceutical treatment methods is sustainability. The treatment process is more holistic and takes a longer period of time. However, the results are far more sustainable and do carry any of the side effects or long term impacts introduced by taking man-made medications.

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