1. Many types of eczema and dermatitis exist impacting men, women and children across the U.S. These specific skin conditions surface in the form or various symptoms. What both have in common is they cause inflammation or visible skin irritations. Traditional Chinese Medicine practices these conditions exist because of excess heat present in the body.

In most cases these skin conditions result from excess heat in the lungs or allergic reaction combined with excess heat. Similar to how your skin breaths through pores, the lungs inhale and exhale to expel waste.

Eczema is often caused due to a combined allergic reaction mixed with excessive heat. Acupuncture combined with nutrition to “moisten” your diet are the most effective methods to treat allergic eczema symptoms. Examples of diet changes include increased protein intake, olive or flax oil, dairy.

In other cases, the lungs have excess heat but the skin expels fluid resulting from strain on the digestive system, spleen and or stomach. This is typically a more complex form of eczema and is more prone to infection. The keys to curing these symptoms are targeted acupuncture, avoiding fatty foods, drinking iced drinks, complex carbohydrates, and warm spices such as ginger.

The last remaining factor that impacts dermatitis severity and supports treatment options is general blood health and circulation. Again acupuncture improves the circulatory system as well as improves organ health. When this approach is taken and dietary changes including red meat, liver, and or eggs are supplemented symptoms will be reduced and ultimately removed.

The key here is acupuncture and diet changes will permanently remove eczema and or dermatitis symptoms over the long-term. Many practitioners prescribe topical creams and prescription medications that reduce symptoms in the short term but actually drive the inflammation deeper into the body or cause the issue to spread into a different organ.

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