Acne is a build up of excessive heat in the body that has to be treated from the inside out. The interesting thing is most topical solutions and creams in the marketplace do nothing to address the cause. Sounds like a multi-million dollar scam to me!

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and has similar functions as your lungs. The skin is what protects your internal organs from the external world including disease and toxins. Additionally, the skin is designed in such a beautiful way that it regulates body temperature and fluid balance through the use of sweat.

When your lungs produce/collect too much fluid you cough and in some cases have pneumonia (fluid in the lungs). Your skin creates pimples and puss pockets in an attempt to reduce rid itself of dampness and reduce the heat… hence the red color of acne.

The large majority of acne in our skin is created from poor diet which our teen agers accel in. There is a direct relationship between the stomach and spleen with the lungs and large intestine. When we eat too many dairy, sugar, or insoluble fatty foods the spleen and large intestine are stressed and cannot properly breakdown and process the nutrients.

The overworked spleen stresses the other organs and increases the “dampness” or overall heat produced in the body. As blood flow and circulation becomes impeded due to the excessive heat, the body attempts to rid itself of the condition in the form of swelling, pimples, fluid in the lungs, menstrual irregularity and digestive problems. Similar to how our lungs rid the body of carbon dioxide the large intestine rids it from toxin and waste produced during digestion.

Acupuncture directly improves the function of our lungs, liver, stomach, liver, intestines and spleen. When acupuncture treatment is combined with changes in diet and or exercise acne symptoms will be eliminated systemically not topically.

Additionally, digestion will improve and circulation and balance will be restored to each system. Ultimately your skin, digestive and emotional health will improve by treating the true cause of the issue and not the symptoms.

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