In the early days, acupuncture was used to treat various conditions. In fact, those people who were suffering from such health conditions as infections, fevers, indigestion or colds were treated with acupuncture. This treatment has its root in China. That is why, it is seldom referred to as Oriental medicine. Nowadays, there are a number of treatments that claim that they can cure health conditions. However, they all fail in improving a person’s condition as well as in treating the ailment. There are some over the counter drugs that claim to provide pain relief but in the end, they result to long term side effects. Hence, a person ends up having serious health condition. There are some people who do not know anything about acupuncture. They feel and presume that it is just one of those lifestyle trends that are becoming popular these days. But, actually, acupuncture goes beyond lifestyle trends.

This Oriental medicine has been around for several years. The early Chinese used acupuncture to heal and treat all sorts of ailments. And, they are still using acupuncture up to this day. Acupuncture is gaining wide popularity especially in the Western countries. Thus, there are numerous people who are curious about this Oriental medicine. Acupuncture is actually the safest and most effective treatment compared to prescriptive drugs. This Oriental medicine does not have any unwarranted side effects that can cause more harm to a person’s body rather than go. There have been several researches and studies which show that acupuncture causes some brain activities. This just means that the body reacts to the acupuncture therapy. Also, there are a number of people who underwent acupuncture for several months and found major improvements in their health condition. Patients who were suffering from chronic fatigue were feeling energized and rejuvenated after having several sessions of acupuncture therapy. In addition, there were also a number of patients who were suffering from PMS but later found positive results due to acupuncture. Acupuncture is actually based on a traditional belief that a body feels pain and uneasy if its balance is disrupted. Acupuncture basically unblocks the disrupted flow of energy and blood in the body. As a result, the body begins to feel rejuvenated and relaxed. There are several acupoints in the area of the body that triggers the release of natural healing properties of the body that help it to heal and treat unwarranted ailments. Hence, acupuncture is a natural way to treat ailments and is proven to be one of the most effective remedy.

Acupuncture is normally associated with a number of different illnesses as an effective treatment however there are other benefits. One little known benefit is its anti-aging benefits and when used in this way it is often called cosmetic acupuncture. In this article we will give a description of acupuncture and its principles and then we will consider how it can help with anti-aging. Acupuncture is a therapy that comes from traditional Chinese medicine and involves the process of inserting fine needles into certain points around the body. The theory is that all conditions are caused by an imbalance of blockage in the flow of energy in the body. By the insertion of needles at certain points energy can flow freely around the body and good heath can be returned. Treatment is normally specialised for each person, their history and their symptoms and so a full analysis is usually done before treatment begins. The above gives you information on how acupuncture is designed to treat illnesses but it can also be used for anti-aging.

Unlike so many other anti-aging remedies it will also help to make you feel better and improve general health as it balances out the energy in your body. This can make it a very valuable and non-invasive anti-aging treatment. When used for anti-aging the acupuncture needles are inserted in certain points to help encourage the body to produce collagen and to promote circulation. The result is that many people will report a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. In addition acupuncture can help to strengthen muscles which means many people will report tighter muscles in the face helping them to look younger. In addition acupuncture will also be used to balance the whole body. This will help to make the organs work more efficiently and improve your overall state of health. This can also have a significant effect on the way you look as if your body is working efficiently and in good health it will improve the quality of your skin and overall look.

So the question is why you would choose acupuncture over other treatments. Well one of the reasons is that the alternatives include things like Botox and liposuction as well as other forms of plastic surgery. These are all very invasive treatment that carry a number of risks and side effects that can be very dangerous. On the flip side acupuncture is a very safe treatment and the side effects reported are minimal. This could mean for those of you that do not want to go under the knife or have Botox injected into your body it is a valuable option. In addition the alternatives of acupuncture can be very expensive and may be out of many people’s price range. However acupuncture although there are costs involved in comparison is much cheaper. This can be a significant deciding factor and give more people access to anti-aging remedies. Using acupuncture as an anti-aging remedy is something that many people may want to try as an alternative the more invasive treatments. However it is important to take care when selecting an acupuncturist. It is very important to do your research and to select someone that has the experience of using acupuncture as an anti-aging remedy. In addition to that you should also check out your therapists, talk to some of their previous clients and find out how they have found the therapist and their treatment. In addition you should also make sure that acupuncture is for you. If you are terrified of needles then the treatment could be traumatic and not have the desired effect.There is a little known bad effect of eating a high fiber diet. Most recommendation on the amount of fiber to eat is in the range of 30 to 40 gm per day. And as you age this becomes more important since high fiber diets help you remove excess cholesterol in the colon and help regulate your bowel movements. In addition, fiber helps to remove toxins from your colon and provide food for the good bacteria. What you are not told about fiber is that fiber can bind with certain nutrients and minerals and they get tied up in your stools before they get absorbed into your bloodstream. This condition can occur when your stomach acid gets weak. And the weaker it gets, higher values of pH – 3.5, 4, 5, and 6 – the more nutrients you lose to stool formation. There are two situations where your stomach acid gets weak. First, as you age, your ability to create and release HCl acid from your stomach walls decreases.

Second, at any age, if you take any type of drug to decreased your stomach acid strength in an effort to reduce acid reflux damage to your esophagus. Both these condition in combination with a high fiber diet lead to more minerals tied up in chyme or stools. Here’s how you lose the minerals. Phytate, a chemical found in grains, cereal and seeds, and fiber easily combine with nutrients and minerals. This complex of phytate, fiber, and minerals – calcium, manganese, iron, copper, nickel, or zinc – are easily absorbed when your stomach acid is the natural value of ph 1 – 3. As your stomach acid weakens and the pH rises to 4, 5, 6, and even 7, the complex becomes more insoluble and not absorbent. To make matters worse is if you have plenty of calcium and magnesium in this complex, it will tie up other mineral and make them insoluble. There is one other condition that occurs with weakening stomach acid.

Digestion of protein is decreased leaving more undigested protein to move into the colon. It is this undigested protein and constipation that can lead to colon cancer, especially if the protein has been cured with nitrites. Here’s how to avoid becoming mineral deficient. Keep your diet high in fiber by eating raw fruits and vegetable. If you are over 50 and perhaps 60, your stomach acid has been on the decline. Taking HCl and pepsin tablets can overcome this condition. But to use these acid tablets you need to use them in a special way and that will be covered in another article. If you have acid reflux avoid using acid neutralizers such as Tums or Rolaids. Avoid, also, taking acid-blocking drugs such as Prilosec. These drugs play with your acid levels and make you more susceptible to mineral loss. There are natural remedies that can help you eliminate acid reflux and if you work with a nutritionist, he can help define a diet that will stop acid reflux safely.

The ring muscles that keep the stomach contents in its place, may take time in maturing babies. If the muscles that separate the stomach and esophagus are not mature, the stomach content may flow up to the esophagus and the infant will experience symptoms of infant acid reflux. The bubbles in the esophagus may push the liquid out of the infant’s mouth when the baby tries to drink too fast. Normally IAR will not create any problems in the normal growth of the child. However, if the baby suffering from infant acid reflux is not gaining weight or spitting up the liquids heavily, it is best to consult a good pediatrician to rule out the possibilities of serious health problems. The symptoms that require medical attention include spitting up of more than two teaspoons liquid at a time, spitting up green or brown fluid and spitting up forcefully after feeding. You should also be careful if the infant seems to be abnormally hungry between feedings and resists feeding for no apparent reason. Diagnosis or screening for infant acid reflux includes various lab tests such as urine and blood tests, esophageal pH monitoring, upper GI series and upper endoscopy. Though rare, infant acid reflux may lead to serious health problems such as poor growth rate, breathing trouble or blood loss from the body of the infant. Normally the symptoms of infant acid reflux will vanish when the mother makes deliberate changes in the feeding pattern of the bay. Holding the baby upright during and after the feeding sessions will help the child to get rid of the problem.

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