Vitality Wellness Clinic is celebrated for providing the best of services in every situation, and our Chiropractor BEMER PEMF therapy is a new addition to our offerings. Our body is known to be running on Electrical impulses through its every inch. These electrical impulses are present in most of our body’s cells and their elements, such as Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Carbon. These elements work on each other’s relation and function. They are used to carry different electrical charges from one part to another to ensure the smooth functioning of that body organ and subsequently the body.

These vital products travel from one place to another through the body’s circulatory system. What is most important to understand is that the proper functioning of the blood vessels and electricity simultaneously sustains this functioning and persists through an optimum physiological function. In order to improve circulatory system function and blood flow throughout your entire body, our clinic utilizes a unique patented piece of equipment known as BEMER. BEMER PEMF is not offered by any other acupuncture and chiropractor in the area.

What does PEMF mean?

PEMF is the short form of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, which is a scientific way of providing muscle relaxation that can be used in numerous therapeutic procedures. The devices that use this PEMF technology produce electromagnetic fields in a spectrum of wavelengths and frequencies that stimulate healthy muscles, which help to deliver better muscle performance in terms of efficiency, strength, and agility. The BEMER PEMF is also known to increase blood circulation considerably, which is one of the most celebrated chiropractic benefits of all time. This increased blood pressure also acts as a catalyst in your journey of achieving the aim of healthier muscles.

Effectiveness of BEMER PEMF

It is important to note that these waves’ effectiveness is crucially dependent on specific parameters that target our cell tissues. For instance, just as a good song or a symphony is delivered through the perfect combination of melody, rhythm, and tempo, PEMF therapy also provides waves in an organized and sequential format. The wavelengths mentioned above are pushed through in a particular sequence at a specific frequency. They are set at a certain pulse to act as the melody, rhythm, and tempo, respectively.

Body Support through BEMER

Electromagnetic energy is present around us all the time, from our mobile phones to our radios, literally everywhere! The electromagnetic energy is present in our body and through a sustained source of heat, i.e., infrared waves. PEMF is comprehended to be an entirely safe and sound procedure for the body. This safety is ensured because these rays are located towards the very end of the electromagnetic spectrum. Their low intensity makes it a peaceful means of energy to be passed through the human organism.

Chiropractic adjustment through a therapy like this, like local and targeted PEMF therapy, can be used for a number of reasons. One of the most essential of these functions is how it can be used to stimulate electrical activity within the muscle tissue directly it is interacting with. Many people use BEMER treatment for rapid athletic or weight training recovery. This process can be conceptualized better with the help of an example of a wireless charging device like a toothbrush or cellphone. Much like a cellphone or even a toothbrush can be charged wirelessly through the use of different technologies, our body can also be charged through this treatment therapy. The only difference is that your cells are getting charged instead of a battery.

You will realize that a charged device can be made to function much better than a lowered charged one. And thus, when and if your cells are charged, they can obviously provide you with the highest functionality they are capable of in optimum conditions. These newly charged cells can support you with optimal performance and expedited recovery to suit the interest of your body and its needs. The BEMER PEMF technology has been known to specifically work in this area to concert with the body into enhancing its vitality. All you need to do is to search for a chiropractor near me, and you will be redirected towards our clinic to book an appointment.

Why Choose BEMER?

BEMER refers to Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation. This device mostly makes use of a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF), which is very useful in delivering a patented signal. BEMER is approved by the FDA Class II consumer medical service, which is known to have developed a consumer base based on its easy to use, non-invasive, and attractive technology. The technology is needed to stimulate healthy muscles and to increase blood flow for the making of healthy muscles temporarily.

This chiropractic care enables the body to reel in the comfort of a healthy blood circulation that can allow a healthy balance of transportation of oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers (e.g., hormones), and immune cells through a better transportation system.  This balance helps the body’s cells to function to tier optimum capacity and function properly. We have all known the problems that can affect us in the case of a diminished circulation, and this massage therapy is an excellent way to get rid of all that.


BEMER PEMF therapy is one of the best chiropractor therapies that the modern era has been acquainted with because of its multi-level functioning. This multi-level functioning keeps into account energy, recovery, detox, deacidification, regeneration, etc., as a part of muscle growth and development. To mention it plainly, the therapy makes use of a patented signal of wavelengths and frequencies that have been proved to establish accurate and worthy results in a range of customers. These signals are used to help establish a better energy network for the muscles through recovery and detox, which include deacidification and regeneration. The whale process results in a far better state for your muscles, which become more healthier than they have ever been and ensure your body’s smooth functioning.