Acupuncture May Be The Answer For Your Pain Management

Acupuncture for pain management is one of the oldest medical procedures in the world. At we Vitality Wellness Clinic we take pride in putting your concern and health first. That’s our therapists spend extensive amount of time learning and mastering the original medical procedures such as acupuncture.

Acupuncture for pain management

Introducing One Needle Acupuncture

Dr.Tsing specializes in one needle technique to treat specific pain related conditions. when it comes to alleviating pain and suffering, this technique is far more effective than regular acupuncture treatments. This treatment may help promote physical health, supplement your body with nutrition, eliminate stress and increase energy in order to receive pain and achieve vitality and well-being.

Depending on the condition, regular acupuncture treatments may require multiple acupuncture needles ranging anywhere between 8 and 12 needles. But in this technique Dr. Tsing will only use one needle. The type of needle used in this technique is different from regular acupuncture needles and it is imported exclusively from China. Dr. Tsing received the study of one needle acupuncture from China and has helped relieve pain among hundreds of patients.

Acupuncture For Pain Management

Acupuncture is a proven Chinese medicine-based approach used for the treatment of a variety of conditions by activating the immune system through particular points on the skin with needles. It’s a minimally invasive procedure to perk up nerve-rich areas of the skin surface to stimulate and unblock gland, tissues, and organs with the goal of improving different functions of the body.

Each acupuncture needle creates a microscopic incision at the insertion point, and while slight and without irritation it’s enough of a neural signal to tell the body that it must respond. This reaction includes stimulation of the immune system, boosting circulation to the area, pain modulation, and wound healing.

The Chinese philosophy behind acupuncture is a little more complicated, as the ancient use isn’t traditionally grounded in science and medicine. They think that the human body was filled up with and animated by an unseeable life-giving force which they named “qi” pronounced as “chee” and when the qi was fluxing well and going to all the right places, a person would experience good physical and mental health.

When the qi was fluxing falsely (deficient or blocked) that would result in sickness and the body would overcompensate stressing one organ or another resulting in problem symptoms often reported. Researchers claim that acupuncture can help in relieving pain, and it is used for back pain and muscular tension pain management. We, in acupuncture therapy, insert needles into a person’s body with the target of balancing their energy.

Conditions acupuncture is utilized for include different forms of pain, blood pressure issues, back pain, whooping cough, and headache, sports injury, skin irritation, fertility problems, and skin issues. Acupuncture is also supposed to influence the autonomic nervous system (which commands bodily function) and the discharge of chemicals that modulate blood pressure and blood flow, to calm the brain and to reduce inflammation.

Uses of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is said to help handle a huge variety of health conditions, including; arthritis, anxiety, depression, migraines, weight loss, chronic pain, sciatica, nausea, sinus congestion, insomnia, tinnitus and stress, and anxiety. Some people use acupuncture to boost fertility. It is also utilized to stop smoking and as a part of the treatment for other addictions.

Acupuncture pain management for back pain

Acupuncture started in China more than 2,500 years ago. It is stated in traditional Chinese medicines that our body has more than 2,000 areas where needles can be inserted. Researchers in a report analyzed the previously published tests on the use of non-pharmacologic therapies like acupuncture for low back pain.

The report claimed that acupuncture was linked with minimized pain intensity and better function instantly after acupuncture treatment. In the long-run, still, the differences were not clear and were very small. Nothing that the intensity of the evidence was low, the authors discovered that acupuncture for back pain is modestly effective.

Knee Pain

An analysis of published studies claimed that acupuncture improves physical function in people with severe knee pain due to osteoarthritis in the short and long run.

Acupuncture for muscle tension

Acupuncture promises to release tension and effectively to deal with pain management. In acupuncture for muscle tension patterns of muscular tension are identified, and then the patient is treated for particular pains. When we point out a muscular tension pattern, acupuncture needles are used to release those areas of tension. These areas are called tight tender points or trigger points. We also treat the root condition by using acupuncture areas situated on the four limbs.

By releasing tension stacked away in the muscles, we can improve overall well-being and health. Every area of the body is stimulated by nerves that branch off from the spine. If muscles are too stringent, nerves can become encroached. This can lead to nerve pain, tingling, and numbness, which can affect the whole body. Acupuncture treatment for muscle tension can restore the normal functioning of the body.

At Vitality Wellness Clinic, we are devoted to offering incredible services. We use oriental medicine techniques utilized by the Patron of acupuncture – Dr. Wu Wei Ping. His way of treatment is well-known for being the most efficient techniques used all across the globe. Dr. Tsing was picked by Dr. Wu Wei Ping and experienced direct training for seven years under his supervision.

Dr. Tsing is the only acupuncturist to receive direct training by Dr. Wu Wei Ping in the state of Texas. Dr. Tsing has conducted an extensive study of the effectiveness of acupuncture and has been incorporating the three Pillars and five elements acupuncture in his treatment techniques.

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