We accept most insurance including medicare advantage plans.

Service Duration Cash With ins.
Acupuncture new patient- office visit, consultation & Treatment 85 min $‎125.00 Co-pay
Average follow up acupuncture visit 55 min. $‎95.00 Co-pay
Bian Stone Cupping 35 min $65.00 Co-pay
Therapeutic TCM Massage 55 min. $85.00 Co-pay
Oxygen activated Far- Infrared sauna 65 min. $85.00 Co-pay
Weight Loss Acupuncture 65 min. $95.00 Co-pay
Quit smoking acupuncture 60 min. $102.00 Co-pay
Cosmetic Acupuncture/Wrinkle reduction 60 min. $105.00 Co-pay
We also offer financing options for our patients who need extensive long term treatments. We offer this through proving deeply discounted treatment package plan with installment options. Call our office to find out more about our finance options available to you.