How Anti-Smoking Acupuncture Can Help You Control Cigarette Cravings And Other Nicotine Withdrawal Side-Effects

Consider acupuncture to quit smoking. Today, almost 18% of U.S. adults smoke. At any moment, as many as seven out of ten smokers want to quit, yet only 13% of people who try to quit smoking this year will succeed. This low success rate has been a sad truth for smokers for decades — even Mark Twain famously said, “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times”.

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However, there is growing evidence that high-quality acupuncture therapy (especially as part of a treatment plan) can help people become permanent ex-smokers. While nothing is a magic cure in the treatment of smoking, anti-smoking acupuncture can reduce nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting. That said, the quality of the anti-smoking acupuncture specialist you work with plays a critical role in helping you stop smoking using acupuncture.

That’s why, at VWC, we take pride in putting your health first by offering an Online health consultation. Our anti-smoking acupuncture specialists work hard to master the best techniques for using acupuncture to stop smoking. Schedule your first anti-smoking acupuncture appointment or contact us to learn why we’re the best anti-smoking acupuncture specialists near you!

How To Quit Smoking With Acupuncture

Using acupuncture to quit smoking has the lowest risks of adverse side-effects of any anti-smoking medicine. So there is no reason not to try working with an anti-smoking acupuncture specialist! Keep in mind that your chances of successfully quitting are best if you use high-quality acupuncture in combination with other anti-smoking treatments. To maximize your success when using acupuncture to stop smoking, you should:

1. Make sure the anti-smoking acupuncture specialist you choose is knowledgeable, experienced, and Certified.

2. Talk to your anti-smoking acupuncture specialist about combining your acupuncture therapy with anti-smoking counseling or education, as this can make using acupuncture to quit smoking more effective for long-term success.

3. Consider combining your anti-smoking acupuncture therapy with formal psychotherapy for addition, as this can enhance the therapeutic effects of using acupuncture to stop smoking.

4. If you have already achieved abstinence from smoking, work with an anti-smoking acupuncture specialist about using acupuncture therapy to reduce your cravings and other symptoms of withdrawal.

What Happens When You Use Acupuncture To Quit Smoking?

● A near-immediate decrease in the desire to smoke.
● Cumulative changes in smoking habits. Many people who use acupuncture to stop smoking notice that they are more satisfied using fewer cigarettes, they forget to smoke during the day, and they wake up without cigarette cravings [1]. These effects increase with each anti-smoking acupuncture treatment.
● A near-immediate change in how cigarettes taste. Specifically, some patients report that cigarettes taste funny or gross following their use of acupuncture to stop smoking.
● Ongoing reductions in physical symptoms of smoking. As acupuncture therapy helps detoxify and clear nicotine residue from the body, which helps improve coughing, poor digestion, and having a raspy or gravelly voice.
● Increased relaxation and decreased anxiety. This, as well as an enhanced ability to navigate stressful life conditions that prompt people to start (and keep) smoking, help reduce patients’ psychological desire to smoke.
● Decreased “jitters,” cravings, irritability, and restlessness.
● More restful, easier sleep.

Does Acupuncture Really Help People Stop Smoking?

Formal studies looking at the effectiveness of using acupuncture to stop smoking have had inconclusive and inconsistent results. This is most likely due to differences in the quality of the acupuncture treatments received by study participants.

That’s because the single most crucial factor contributing to the success (or failure) of anti-acupuncture therapy may be the knowledge and experience of the anti-smoking acupuncture specialist. Adequate acupuncture treatments performed by a high-quality anti-acupuncture specialist may help motivated smokers reduce or quit smoking, with these effects lasting for at least five years.

This is true for as many as 31% of people who try using high-quality acupuncture to quit smoking. Moreover, even studies that yield inconclusive results about the efficacy of anti-smoking acupuncture find that using acupuncture to stop smoking is better than doing nothing.

Specifically, both body acupuncture and anti-smoking acupuncture can be helpful tools for reducing the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, as well as the symptoms of depression and anxiety that many people experience while trying to quit smoking.

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