The good people at Vitality Wellness Clinic are the best and provided me with a spot on (free) evaluation. I suffer from shoulder pain from years of athletic activity that disrupts my sleep. After only one visit, the pain went away and I’m sleeping through the night. I realize I’ll need to continue to receive treatment to heal completely but I’m excited to finally be on the road to recovery!
-David D.

I came to the clinics for a medical treatment the other day. The clinics is very clean and updated. Medical staff are very friendly and helpful. There was a man, Dr. Jason, he is very friendly, efficient and professional. He is caring and patient, which helped to ease my nervousness about the treatment I was going to get. And, I received very professional and successful medical treatment here. I read great reviews of this clinics, and my experience matched the reviews. I sure will come back for my future medical needs.
-Amelia R.

Accupuncture is the only thing that has help relieve my lower back and leg pain. Not even medication has helped as much as Dr.Tsing’s accupuncture technics. I would highly recommend him to anyone! If I need more in the future, I will return to him and his very nice staff.
-Oscar E.

I have always been apprehensive about acupuncture, but decided I would try it for my headaches and neck/shoulder pain. I was pleased after the first visit. Dr. Tsing is awesome. He explained things and was pretty easy to understand. Zareena is always smiling when I walk in and can answer any questions you may have. I highly recommend this for anyone that has been experiencing pain for a long period of time and is sick of taking medications every day. Try it once and you will be amazed.
-Paula E.

I visited them several times as they help me recover from bell’s palsy. The recovery of that condition is very slow but I left every visit feeling a little bit better than before. Dr. Jason is very knowledgeable and very professional. I can definitely say that acupuncture was a very important part of my fast recovery.
-Victor B.

When I came to Dr. Jason, I was very ill with digestive problems and sciatic pain. Medical doctors could not help me. In just a few visits my digestive problems were resolved and the Sciatic pain completely eliminated. I will be forever grateful to this very devoted man.
-Emily Slaback, R.N. (retired)

I flew from Colorado to Texas to see Dr. Jason Tsing for the treatment of facial paralysis. At first, I didn’t believe the condition could be cured. But Dr. Tsing proved me I was wrong. After 18 treatments, my facial appearance returned to normal. I was absolutely mesmerized by it. I decided to become an acupuncturist my self. Today I practice as a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Colorado.
Dr. Lee

I’m a model and my husband is a professional soccer player. We were trying to get pregnant for over 2 years after our first child was born. we tried everything. We finally decided to give acupuncture a try. After only 12 sessions I conceived. Baby Conor was born on March 12 2011. It was a healthy pregnancy and our baby is super healthy too.
-Esther Ben

I was suffering from severe back and sciatic nerve pain. Due to this I had to take bed rest. I couldn’t move, walk or engage in normal activities for over 2 months. Dr. Tsing performed one needle acupuncture. With only 2 treatment sessions I was able to return to work. The back pain was completely healed. I’m Forever grateful for Dr. Tsing.
-Mark Chen

Dr. Tsing was excellent. I came for treatment of back pain but he discovered that I had a frozen shoulder. He treated both conditions same day and received over 90% relief from both conditions.

Dr. Tsing is extremely patient and professional – My 11 years old son Conor hurt his ankles. He was prescribed morphine by his doctor. When morphine didn’t work, his doctor suggest surgery. Yes, cutting my son’s foot off. Thanks to Dr. Tsing, Conor was able to walk after just one treatment. Dr. Tsing saved my son’s foot.
-Conor’s mom

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