Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice for activating particular points on the body, mainly with the insertion of very thin needles by the skin. Acupuncture has been the focus of many types of research on its ability to handle pain, particularly for knee, back, neck, osteoarthritis pain, and headache. There have not, yet, been as many researches on how acupuncture can help with weight loss. Acupuncture can be utilized for weight loss to modulate the neuroendocrine system, which has a measurable impact on Body mass index (BMI). Though acupuncture can treat a myriad of health issues, for weight loss, acupuncture along with a healthy lifestyle and diet shows a measurable impression over lifestyle and health alone.

Acupuncture needles are inserted into the skin from ¼ an inch to ½ an inch, based on the style of acupuncture and the demanded effects to improve the flow of energy through the body. Along with the rising research, there are many decades of anecdotal evidence to support the practice and use of acupuncture for weight loss.

Acupuncture for weight loss is not a new practice, and it genuinely assists by regulating neuroendocrine function, optimizing digestion, decreasing inflammation, improving the metabolism, minimizing water retention, suppressing the appetite and optimizing other functions of our body which are linked to obesity or weight reduce. In traditional Chinese medicine, weight gain is caused by body imbalance, which is mainly caused because of the malfunctioning in kidney, liver, spleen, endocrine system, and thyroid gland. Acupuncture, as natural healing, treats these areas of the body.

The ear is another area that we target for weight loss. It’s considered that food cravings can be controlled by wangling points on the ear. This is just alike to the treatment used for drug addicts and smokers. We offer different lengths and levels of treatment if you plan on losing 15-20 pounds, having multiple treatments a week for six to eight week is a normal program. The number of visits every week might fizzle out as the program goes on. The number of visits suggested also vary from one person to another.

How acupuncture help me in losing weight? This is the most asked questions. The answer is; if you believe that your acupuncture treatments are helpful, your positive attitude can help you in losing weight. Using acupuncture for weight loss can give best results if you pair the treatment with a healthy lifestyle such as nutritious, calorie controlled diet, and a program of daily exercise. “Acupuncture treatment would be more helpful when the patient changes her/his eating behaviors and lifestyle habits like sleep and exercise pattern and vulnerability to stress.”